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 Our products are beneficial for your natural hair. They are all made with natural ingredients and are cruelty free. We were intentional about each ingredient we chose to formulate our products with. We wanted to make sure that each product produced the results that they were created for. They definitely have! Our hair regimen which teaches you how to train your natural hair, it is also included with our bundle. We wanted to create products that truly lived up to their name “Curls Dont Be Shy”! Growing up relaxers were so convenient because they didn’t have a lot of options for natural hair. We also weren’t taught to embrace our natural hair. There are so many products on the market now, but the good ones are hard to come by. Our products are safe to use on all ages and most importantly they work! We had this vision for years and with God our vision was finally executed! We are passionate about helping you with your natural hair journey! 😉 



Pictured below are some of the amazing ingredient's we use to create our products.

  Avocados 🥑 contains potassium & magnesium, which seal cuticle cells helping your hair look smoother, shinier & prevents it from breaking. Avocados is a moisturizer & a conditioner. They are rich in protein as well as vitamin B. 

  Mangos 🥭 contain so many vitamins, vitamin E which improves circulation in the scalp promoting hair growth. Vitamin A which helps naturally conditioning your scalp for stronger, shinier hair. Vitamin C which promotes collagen production! These are only a few ingredients this hair mask contains! Your hair will feel so amazing & soft after using this perfect deep conditioner! 

 Bananas 🍌 Are rich in potassium, vitamins & natural oils. They moisturizes your scalp, promotes elasticity & makes your hair more manageable! They also protect against split ends & hair breakage! 

 Hibiscus Flowers 🌺 are rich in nutrients such as amino acids that are necessary for producing keratin, the building blocks of our hair. It Promotes hair growth stimulating dormant hair follicles. Prevents breakage, thickens hair and keeps hair healthy & conditioned!

  When you put chia seeds in water it expands & makes a gel. Chia seeds are full of fiber & contains omega 3 fatty acids protein, phosphorus & calcium making them a powerful hair strengthener! They promote hair growth and thickens your hair strands. They also boosts elasticity, add shines, and helps with hair loss.


All of these product's pictured below are included in our bundle!




Maintaining the health of your hair is important. Protective styles are low manipulation styles for your hair and are great for length retention. 
Hair Tips 
  • Create a hair regimen for your hair which is included with our bundle.
  • Use products that will not dry your hair out.
  • Keep your hair moisturized to prevent it from breakage.
  • When your hair is dry it is prone to breakage
  • Keep your split ends trimmed every 4-6 months
  • Do not put heat on your hair often
  • When using heat on your hair use heat protectant.
  • Sleep with satin/silk bonnet or scarf at night.
  • Cotton breaks off your hair.






These protective styles have lasted over a month and longer! They are perfect for keeping your hair moisturized. Our products have been keeping these mini braids and twists looking fresh & hydrated for days at a time. These styles are also perfect for length retention. Making sure you are oiling your scalp every day or every other day with our Herbal & Seed Hair Growth Oil. I and my customers  definitely notice growth. Our Mango & Avocado Curl Cream is so creamy & smooth and will leave your curls so defined! Our Mango & Avocado Buttercream is so soft & will seal in the moisture in your hair. The mini braids or mini twists does not feel heavy or weighed down but light weight & swingy. These are only a few styles that they were styled in but you can be very versatile. I know y’all see those curls coming through at the end of the mini braids and twists. 😍 It’s the curls for me get your curls right too with our all natural hair products! ❤️

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